Iconic Dual Digital Billboards in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley.

Gipps Outdoor offers two of the newest and most iconic digital billboards in South East Queensland. Located on the corner of Gipps and Ann Street in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, these sites capture the high volume of inbound traffic from the Story Bridge – one of Brisbane’s busiest roads and fastest growing corridors.

The two new state-of-the-art digital screens replace the old static billboards that have stood for decades. The dual screens are located just 50 metres apart and are synchronised, offering your campaign unrivalled creative scope, impact and visibility.

Be bold with Gipps Outdoor.

Gipps Outdoor is Veridooh-ready. Click here to find out more about Veridooh independent campaign tracking.

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Creative Scope

Both screens are synchronised to work in tandem giving you endless creative scope for your next campaign.

More Visibility

Located on one of the busiest intersections in South East QLD, with over 97,000 eyes daily.

More Impact

Your campaign will appear on a combined 200 square metres of billboard for a total of 24 seconds per loop.

Gipps Outdoor Digital Billboards

Corner of Gipps and Ann Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, QLD, 4006

Story Bridge North – Upper (0098701)
Location: Roadside
Panel Size: Spectacular
Pixel Pitch: 10
Direction: Inbound

Story Bridge North – Lower (0098702)
Location: Roadside
Panel Size: Landmark
Pixel Pitch: 6
Direction: Inbound

Gipps Outdoor is Veridooh-ready.

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