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Where does ‘impact’ fit in the mix?

I recently discovered an article on the Mi3 website offering insights into the importance of brand awareness and building.

Stuart Tucker, COO of hipages shared his perspective on why he believes more emotive advertising is vital to brands emerging post-COVID.

Stuart says:

“The brands that maintained their investment in the brand, but maybe adjusted their messaging to be more sympathetic to the market and continue to invest, will pull away from the brands that either massively reduced their budgets or cut it completely.”

He believes the power of brand building and emotional messaging is being overlooked in favour of an obsession with data and targeting. We need to reignite emotional affinity, but more importantly — attention-grabbing advertising.

Stuart also mentions a need to focus on valuing brand marketing that employs emotion to connect with consumers and build brand equity.

After reading this article, I believe that many CMO’s and marketers are heading in this direction. Using brand building formats that integrate across above and below-the-line channels is vital in an era where we value data more than motivating consumers to make their first, or repeat purchases.

Brand building requires a big impact that delivers a superior creative experience for the audience. Gipps Outdoor provides brands targeting the Brisbane audience with a unique and unrivalled opportunity to use storytelling to execute a campaign that heightens brand awareness and engagement.

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You can read Stuart’s full article in Mi3 here.